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About Us - What We Do

We are supply chain managers and are responsible for managing the material and information flow to provide a high degree of supplier and customer satisfaction.

We heavily invest in the physical infrastructure so as to be close to every stage of the supply chain. Accordingly we have our own offices, supervised by expatriate managers, in all the origins we source from and in most of the markets we serve. Our head office in Singapore acts as the strategy setting, financing, risk management and trade documentation centre for the business. We also have a back office in India providing trade documentation and accounting support to the head office.

The significant physical infrastructure coupled with a strong team translates into our being able to add significant value to our supply partners and our customers on a consistent basis.

Over the last few years we have positioned ourselves well and are very excited about our future. Our passion and our abilities have led us to demonstrate enviable growth rates and consistent profitability at every stage of our growth till now. As an example, we started operations in October 2008 with just five professionals across two countries but by July 2012 we are now fifty professionals working across six countries.

We expect to maintain and enhance both our growth rates and our profitability far into the future.

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